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Gedicht ter ere van Johannes Joseph Erich

Translation of poem written by Fokke Siersma a friend after Johan Erich's murder by the Gestapo
Please improve and rectify as required.

Johan Erich
26 May 1944 shot as an illegal worker by the Gestapo during a raid

I know: each word is a despicable game
In the tough silence of your death
Beauty spoils (diminishes?) in this hell
Where only the piece of dumb lead rules.

But I want that the son of mine and my wife
And the people, for whom you fell
Will know the man you have been,
Will know why you fell.

You challenged the orders of superior forces (free translation dwingeland, someone who forces)
And disappeared: “ there is a limit”
During the raid you didn’t give
A friend betrays no one.

Your quiet life in the free Friesland...
You felt it as a privilege
For the revolver, violator of the poor nobility
Of heart, you pulled the straight line thru

The flat towers of the wide land,
Proud and small under the sky
The quiet canals, where reflected
Past melancholy has escaped.

You had that love with the same loyalty,
With which you’ve been my friend,
With which you cut the coupons for them,
Who sheltered from the German beast.

A day like this I saw you last
-I smoked from your tobacco-
When the light white spread out of the horizon
And broke sparkling in the tree tops.

My friend, you show me that light horizon’
....on your temple the stain of black blood....
From a time I couldn’t believe in
But because of you I must believe.

The threads of this existence are confused.
You know I have no flag.
But here I fight at the last barricade
of man, because this is not allowed
My son, who will stand beside me one day,
Keep this deep in your soul:
My friend had the silent loyalty of a flower,
That blooms where the seed fell.

Fokke Siersma
Pentacostal Sunday 28-5-1944
Translation to English by Carla Cowles

Eigenaar/BronErika Erich-Koopmans
Bestandsnaamgedicht JJ erich.JPG
Dimensies992 x 1403
Verbonden metErich-Koopmans, Erika ; Johannes Joseph Erich
AlbumsDosier Johannes Joseph Erich

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